“How do we get gratiflow working for us?”

Woman showing excitementCreating an incentive strategy for your current or prospective customers can be a rewarding initiative. Leveraging gratiflow’s platform and expertise ensures you’ll get the most out of your plans. While boosting sales may be the most tangible result of an eGift Card program, the benefits are much broader. Customer segmentation is a key aspect of your marketing efforts. It helps you provide relevant cues to motivate action – getting you more sales from your customer base. Similarly, offering the right incentives can help you learn more about your customers through surveys and testing. Really, any interaction with your target audience can be enhanced by a gratiflow incentive program. But, what’s involved with getting started? Probably less than what you think.

“I like what I’m hearing, but how do I get gratiflow working for me?”

Often the biggest hurdle to implementing a business-improving initiative is perception. Everyone’s busy and the last thing you need is to add complexity to an already packed to-do list. We know that. That’s why we work hard to make this as easy as possible for you. Efficiency is key to ensuring our partnership results in the best possible outcomes for your business.

The gratiflow onboarding process.

Since we offer multiple tiers of service to suit your specific needs, the onboarding process does vary with tier. But there are certainly some commonalities. Here are the five steps that are typically involved in partnering with us.

Step 1 – Select the package that’s best for you.

Over the course of working with a wide range of clients, we’ve been able to refine our service offering to 3 turn-key packages to choose from. These have been developed to cover virtually every situation we’ve come across.

Step 2 – Choose your merchants.

You likely know your target audience better than anyone. And, you’re probably very in tune with their wants and needs. You can choose from over 200 of the top brands in North America to reward your customers or employees. Plus, you can also choose socially responsible “Donate Back” options.

Step 3 – Provide us with some of your branding assets.

Rewarding your target audience is a positive brand experience. Through gratiflow’s white-label solution, you’ll be assured that your recipients are interacting with your brand at every step.

Step 4 – Fund the campaign.

To initiate the campaign, your organization provides a deposit that’s used to buy the eGifts as they are pulled by recipients.

Step 5 – Launch!

And then the fun part! Launch your campaign and start making people happy!

Once we’ve completed the initial framework, the process simplifies. Then, as your campaigns roll out, we can evaluate the effectiveness together and make adjustments as needed.

Let’s discuss how an incentive program with gratiflow can benefit your business. Give us a call at 1-800-559-7364.