Incentives made simple.

gratiflow is an online platform that helps you effectively manage, refine and report on large-scale e-gift card incentive campaigns. Go with the flow!

Why go with the flow?

The gratiflow e-gift card platform makes it simple to offer incentives to potential customers and turn your existing customers into fans.

Manage multiple campaigns from one place. Keep everyone happy by offering both physical and e-gift cards in the same campaign. Quickly enhance programs on-the-fly with real-time analytics, and prove ROI with robust reporting tools (think heat maps showcasing gift card data by location!). The platform automates time-intensive tasks—making it perfect to start large campaigns from scratch or scale up smaller manual gift card programs. And there’s a cost-effective solution for every size organization!


for agencies

Easily manage multiple campaigns for multiple clients

Seamlessly integrate the platform with your strategy and creative


for charities

Encourage peer-to-peer event participants to hit higher fundraising targets

Allow those same participants to easily donate incentive values back to your organization and receive a tax receipt


for businesses

Increase conversions on the actions that get you sales

Make it easy for your CSRs to provide premium customer service

Make your loyalty program stand out

Go with the flow when they...

…take a test drive
…get an insurance quote
…register a product
…raise more money
…do well at work
…sell more of your product
…complete your survey
…redeem their loyalty points
…and more!

Are gift cards good incentives?

Cash, card, or pre-selected product? This article shares the best incentives to offer your audience, straight from behavioural science!

Available gift cards

Access the brands your particular audience loves.

Alice Fazooli’s
WALMART Save money. Live Better.
Ultimate Dining Card
Boston Pizza
Flight Centre

Our clients

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