Gift Cards as incentives: A popular business-growing choice

Man showing excitement while on tabletGift Cards get you noticed.

Getting noticed is the priority of any marketing effort. Whether you’re working to expand your customer base or keep your current ones happy, breaking through is an uphill battle. Offering them something they want is the quickest way to capture their attention; and that’s what gratiflow provides.

Give them what they want.

Businesses are enhancing consumer engagement by offering eGift Cards (and their traditional predecessors), from retailers that are best suited to their tastes, as incentives and rewards. Essentially, giving them what they want. It doesn’t get more enticing than that.

Retention is a key aspect for any business or charity. For an established organization, getting more from your current patrons is generally far more efficient than obtaining new ones. In fact, studies have reported that it can cost more than six times more to seek out and convert new customers. Incorporating a loyalty program – with the incentive of eGift Cards – can motivate additional, and longer term, patronage from your customers. When asked about preferred incentives, nearly 70% surveyed reported to First Data’s U.S. Prepaid Insights that Gift Cards were preferred. The convenience of an eGift Card gives your customers the ability to redeem their reward instantaneously.

Reap the benefits of rewarding loyalty.

The Miami Heat showed how rewarding their loyal customers can increase sales of their own merchandise. According to, The Heat’s team store conducted marketing initiatives where gift cards were offered to businesses for their own loyalty and promotional initiatives as well as to their own lapsed customers. The motivational power was unmistakable – with initiatives reporting an average ROI of more than 13 times. And, equally interesting, of those who redeemed their Gift Cards, 72% spent more than its value.

Enhancing peer-to-peer fundraising efforts with Gift Cards.

Business and charitable organizations have leveraged gratiflow’s easy and automated access to a line up of eGift Cards and traditional cards similarly. JDRF Canada – an organization committed to advocating for youth living with type 1 diabetes – relies on the generosity of caring donors. From rewarding fundraising event participants to generating engagement for campaigns, Gift Cards have provided simple, easy-to-execute initiatives that have led to campaign successes.

Providing your audience with what they want, and what they value, offers an even bigger benefit – a positive brand impression. Whether it’s someone’s first interaction, or it’s a long-time customer, offering relevant gift cards enable you to deliver an engaging, memorable, and enjoyable experience.