Could your campaign be more rewarding?

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Incentives made simple.

Creating a rewards program or incentive campaign is an effective way to engage your audience and your staff. And when the rewards include eGift cards from a diverse range of top brands and retailers, gratiflow can help you activate your audience. Whether it’s rewarding employee performance or incenting action from new or current customers, we can make your program – from start to finish – a smooth success.

Managing a dealer network? Perfect!

Developing, implementing, and tracking an incentive program can be an undertaking when you’re doing it on your own. In many cases, this may fall outside of your already-busy day-to-day duties. That complexity can ratchet up even further when a number of locations or franchises are involved.

Our team is here to simplify that for you. We can help you develop a program that leverages advanced geographic and demographic targeting;  maximizing the potential for engagement. And, best of all, we can easily implement that across your network.

Helping you help your clients.

We’re proud to be a trusted partner of Marketing and Advertising agencies who are building campaigns for clients. Depending on your needs, we can be as involved as you’d like. Our first priority is seamless integration with your process. We’re always happy to help our agency partners develop a rewards or loyalty program that will get client’s the best bang for their buck. Your team at the agency can develop or manage the creative development and our team can implement the program. All the implementation is handled by us and you get comprehensive analytics to gauge how well the campaign performs.

gratiflow for the greater good.

We get great satisfaction from working together with charities and with business’ charitable initiatives. It’s a great chance to help make our communities better. Our range of rewards provides the incentives that can drive donations – creating fun competition in peer-to-peer efforts to reach higher fundraising targets.

Let’s talk about how gratiflow can help you motivate your audience.

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